March 2009

I decided to make today a HIIT day.  Here’s what I did:


50 rope turns (this is getting easier and easier…I’ll probably aim for 100 next time)


10 jumping jacks (I just couldn’t face the burpees today….I tried one and it almost killed me!)


10 push-ups


10 BW squats


Repeated 5X without any rest…..


I really wanted to push through to 10 reps….but just couldn’t do it today.  I think my legs are still tired from the Trekking class yesterday and I didn’t want to sacrifice tomorrow’s strength training workout. 


I figure if I just keep at this I will make HIIT my bi*%# (pardon the vulgarity but that’s just how I feel…:) 


Today I did my favorite class at the gym – Trekking. 

Basically it’s done on treadmills and we alternate intervals of hill climbs (up to 15% today) and speed sprints.  The first part of the class focused on increasing speed and incline on the treadmill until you were running as fast as you could at 15% incline.  Then, we kept the incline but slowed it down to about 1.8% and did WALKING LUNGES for a minute…then recovered…then repeated 3 more times.  Lastly, we did speedwork and I ended up running 7.7mph at 4% incline. 
I knew this class would be a real challenge so I had some dried apricots just before to give me some extra carb-energy (carb timing) to get me through it.    God I was tired after the class…..but in a “I accomplished something”  kind of way.   I didn’t wear my HRM today because it chafes me when I run/bounce for that length of time.  I figure I burned about 800 calories or more.   Good stuff!

I really wasn’t so sure how today’s workout would go….I’ve got my period and have just been feeling tired lately but it was really great!  I’m SO glad I went to the gym and pushed through it. 
Warmup: 5 mins on elliptical

1arm DB snatch: 3 sets of 6 @ 20 lbs. (25 is still too heavy)

DB single-leg romanian dl: 3 sets of 6 @ 40 lbs (I tried with 25 lbs. weights but nearly fell over….!)

barbell bent over row: 3 sets of 6 @ olympic bar (I’m pretty sure I could go heavier next time…)

DB single arm overhead squat: 3 sets of 6 @ 15 lbs. (I don’t know why but these KILL me!!!!)

DB incline bench-press: 3 sets of 6 @ 40 lbs. (I tried 50 lbs but almost gave myself a bloody nose! )

plank: I will do these later – all the gym mats were being used by a group of women who were mostly chatting. I was kind of annoyed…

Reverse woodchop: speaking of annoyed, everytime I tried to use the cable machine, there was someone using it. I gave up after my 3rd attempt.

BW matrix: will do later – probably while watching ” The Biggest Loser” ( there just isn’t anywhere to do it at my gym…)

Instead of the BWM, I did some HIIT on treadmill
for 14 mins. (cool down: 4.2mph. Sprints: 7.8mph.)

Av. HR: 141
Max HR: 180
Calories: 801

Tomorrow, I’m scheduled to do the Trekking Class – so excited! I really LOVE that class!   I’m anxiously awaiting the rest of my Precision Nutrition materials this week.  There will LOTS to read but I’m anxious to finally have all the information at my disposal. 


I’ve been struggling a lot lately with setting some new goals for myself.  You see, I’ve always thought that, after running a couple of 1/2 marathons, the next logical progression would be to train for, and run, a full marathon.  I’d pretty well decided that would be my next goal….but there is a lingering hesitation about this that I just can’t seem to talk myself out of.  


First of all, I’m concerned that my knee will hold up (I tore my ACL many years ago and only have partial ligaments keeping my knee in place.)  I’m just wondering what running for 5 hours straight is going to do to my knee – and my body, overall.   Secondly, training for a marathon is a HUGE time commitment.  I’m facing long runs every sunday (as well as shorter runs at least twice weekly.)  This means that, because of the heat, I’ll have to run in the early morning.   That’s not such a big deal to me but it means that my poor husband (and I)  will be sacrificing his one and only day to sleep in (we trade-off Sunday sleep-ins.)  Considering he works so hard, it seems like a lot to ask – yet he’s willing to support me ( Yeah, he’s my hero…)  Lastly, I’m asking myself…what does running a marathon really prove?  That I’m in good shape?  (I already know that I am….) That I’m dedicated? 


So….all things considered, I’ve decided that it’s probably better for me (and my family) if I let go of the whole “marathon” dream.  Instead, I’ve decided to train for another 1/2 marathon and improve my time, aiming for a Personal Best this go-around.  I will still get the whole race-day high, a cool medal, and the feeling of achievement – without the time commitment and strain on my body and family life.   I feel so much better having made this compromise.   I always thought that running a marathon would prove that I was “hard core” but, honestly, if I didn’t prove that (to myself and others) after going through natural childbirth twice, I don’t think a marathon would make much difference.   I might still run a marathon someday – but only if the timing is right. 


That being said, I need to map out a new plan for myself.  There are so many things I’m interested in doing.  I’m really intrigued by the notion of adding more High Intensity Interval Training to my workouts.  I also really enoy the Trekking class at my gym.  Let’s not forget The New Rules of Lifting for Women Program either!  Plus, there are so many great training programs that come with the Precision Nutrition Program…..  So many choices. 


I think I’m going to take this weekend to think about what I want my weekly workout routines to incorporate and take it from there.  I hope to post a new plan early next week.   Stay tuned….:)

I finally made it to the gym today.  I am PMSing so bad and really wasn’t feeling it but I forced myself to go (my girls really wanted to go!) and I’m so glad I did.
rdl/bent-over row:  3 sets of 6  @ oly. + 10 lbs.
partial single-leg squat: 3 sets of 6 @ bodyweight (i found these really easy…)
wide-grip lat. pulldown: 3 sets of 6 @ 70 lbs.
Back extension: 3 sets of 6 @ BW (the area where my legs are on the pads really hurt my quads!)
YTWL – 3 sets of 6 @ 10 lbs. (these hurt SO good!  LOL)
I skipped to abs to do at home a bit later and went straight for the HIIT on the treadmill:   I did a few easy intervals of 4.3 mph/7.4mph.  I could have pushed harder/longer but I didn’t WANT to!  haha. 
avg. HR: 142
Max HR: 182
Duration: 55 mins.
Calories burned: 711
Tomorrow is a rest day and then I start doing my Sunday long runs to train for the Marathon.  This weekend I’ll only do 3 miles…but then it builds from there.  I’ve got over 6 mos. so I think I’ll be in good shape. 

My two girls are taking turns having a fever this week so I’ve been doing my workouts at home (just as well since it’s spring break and the gym daycare is crowded with regulars and all the older kids who need an outing)
I did my own version of the trekking class at home (I LOVE having a treadmill!)
I don’t recall exactly what incline or speed (I know at one point I was running 6mph @ 8% incline )  but I tried to push myself hard.  Here are my stats:
Duration: 35 mins.
Avg. HR: 149
MAX HR: 183
Cals burned: 529
PWO snack was a banana and a chocolate/almond butter/yogurt shake.  I really should experiment with other combos but I really love this one and haven’t gotten tired of it.  What can I say…? I’m a creature of habit – LOL.


I’ve adhered to the eating plan for Precision Nutrition for most of this week.  Honestly, I’m feeling great.   It feels good to have a relatively simple plan to follow.  If I eat according to the “10 Rules” they prescribe, my nutrient ratios seem to just fall into place.  The bonus is that I’m eating WAY more vegetables and fruit on this plan – which I think also is another reason I’m feeling so good.


As you probably know, I’ve been struggling with a weight-loss plateau since before Christmas.  I’ve lost a few inches, gained strength and feel great but, honestly, I struggled with the fact that the stupid scale wasn’t budging!  I spent a great deal of time wondering where, exactly, I was failing in my nutrition.  The first step I took was to increase my calories so that I would net about 1700 calories a day.  I lost 1/2 a pound by doing so.  Then, I had a busy week and didn’t eat enough and what I did eat wasn’t the best for me (some fast food and high carbs.)  I had been reading a lot about John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition so decided to get a copy and give it a read. 


I wouldn’t call Precision Nutrition a weight-loss-centered diet, per se…..but it does encourage healthy eating that would naturally translate into fat loss if that was your goal.  I’ve been following the guidlelines of the program for 3 days and have  already lost the weight I had gained since Christmas.  In 3 days!  Now, I can’t be entirely sure that the eating plan is solely responsible for the drop on the scale but I DO feel as though I’ve finally found a simple eating plan that I can live with –  and that seems to be boosting my metabolism.   Basically, I’m eating protein every 2-3 hours – combined with fruits or veggies.  I reserve my starchy carbohydrates to either fuel (just before) or recover from (just after) my workouts.   I like that I don’t have to sacrifice pasta/ breads/ grains etc. entirely – I just have to time my eating of them around my workouts.   


The Precision Nutrition Package comes with a recipe book titled, “Gourmet Nutrition.”   I have tried two of the recipes already and have been really impressed with the taste of the food.   Lynndy has enjoyed the recipes, too – which is a bonus.    When I lost weight on Weight Watchers, I was eating all kinds of processed food that was low on “points” but also low on nutrition.  I think that’s why it was such a temporary “fix” for me.   It just wasn’t the way I could continue to eat for the rest of my life.  So far, the Precision Nutrition Program seems to be a much more liveable option for me.  I’m excited to see how this plan improves my overall health and body composition.   For those that might be interested, here is a link to the Precision Nutrition website:



Today is a rest day from working out.  I forgot to post yesterday’s workout so here it is:

I did the Ab portion of Jackie Warner’s Workout DVD.  I burned 200 calories doing that portion of the workout alone!  She incorpporates some cardio mixed in (I was not thrilled to have to do burpees again!)
After that, I ran/walked for a few mins on the treadmill but felt bored.  So I skipped rope for a while and decided that I was “done”

Avg. HR: 124
Max. HR: 175
Calories: 359
Duration: 33 minutes.

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