I’ve still been doing my workouts but haven’t had much time to log them here.  I’ve got a log on the PN website that keeps me pretty busy these days.    I’m just about to start a challenge with some other PN members.  We’re still working out the details but it’s looking like it will last 16 weeks and focus on whose transfomation is the greatest.    I’m also doing a similar challenge on transformation.com.  I figure, between the two, I’ll have plenty of motivation to make some serious changes to my body before my birthday in November. 

6 months ago, I would never have even dreamed of taking on such a challenge but….I think I’m ready to “up my game” and work my a** off to get the results I want.   The scale has started to move again (in the RIGHT direction!) and I’m feeling ON FIRE with my motivation and energy levels! 

Will report back on the specifics on the challenges when they are finalized.