May 2009

Today turned out to be a GREAT workout day. I was planning on doing a quick lifting workut after my daughter’s swim lesson (at our gym) but it was cancelled due to rain/thunder so she went straight into childcare with her sister and I completed a full NROLW workout – with HIIT at the end!

I did my last Stage 4B workout and am ready to move onto Stage 5 on Friday! I didn’t have a pen to write down my weights so I’m going by memory, but….here’s what I did:

3 sets of 8 for each move:

Wide-grip DL from Box: 95lb., 85 lb (went down b/c my form was off), 85 lb.

Bulgarian split-squat: 25, 25, 25 (I finally got my form down on this one! I found the perfect bench to get my back leg/foot comfy AND stable!)

Rev. lunge from box with forward reach: 24, 24, 24

Prone Cuban Snatch: 20, 20, 20

ABS: I used the Ab Coaster (50 reps.) I hate doing floorwork at the gym so used the machines instead. I’ll do some other ab. exercises tonight while I watch TV.

15 mins HIIT. 4 min w/up, then I did 6 sets of 30 second sprints with 1 minute of rest at 3.6 mph. (all done at 1% incline.) Here are the speeds of my sprints:

9.5 mph
9.8 mph
10 mph
10 mph

The first few sprints were tough…but once my body got used to the movement, it was still tough but I felt I might be able to push myself a little bit more…..


I finally got to meet the fitness instructor at my gym to start doing some weight training together. Most of the moves were new to her (we just did what I was doing ) but she was really intrigued by the exercises and felt like it was a really great workout. I didn’t write down my weights or anything as we basically just worked on form etc. She picked up on things really quickly so we had a lot of fun – even squeezed in some HIIT afterwards! Man, we went HARD. We both agree that we push harder when we’re alongside someone else who is pushing themselves hard.   I was  impressed with her drive and stamina – sure hope it rubs off on me!

So…the plan is to do our lifting together every Wed. and Friday. She is flexible and willing to do whatever exercises I’ve got planned (she may just tweak the weights and reps…) As the 1/2 marathon gets closer – we plan to add some long runs to our routine, as well. I’m just thrilled to finally have someone to work out with! YAY!!!!

I plan to behave myself the rest of the week and stay on track.  I’m pretty sure I’ll finish the week offf with at least 90% PN compliance – which still keeps me in the running for my “no cheat challenge”.  🙂

Since I’m lifting tomorrow (finally meeting my potential new workout buddy!), I decided to do HIIT at home today. I warmed up for about 3 minutes and then did 7 rounds of speed intervals on the treadmill. Here is what it looked like:

45 seconds sprint at 1% incline at 9 mph
1 minute 30 seconds of recovery at 3.6 mph.
repeat 7X.
Get off treadmill and collapse…

Duration: 25 minutes
Avg. HR: 146
Max HR: 186
Calories: 370

Because I was stuck at home today( little one is teething and I suspect the gym childcare wouldn’t appreciate her fussiness or runny nose) , here is what I did on the TRX.

TRX Metabolic workout B ( I did 4 sets of these. One set slowly to learn the moves….then three sets of AMRAP for 30 seconds each with 40 seconds of rest/ transition. 3 minutes of rest between sets.)

 Swimmer’s Start (leaning forward with straps tucked under arms – balance on one leg with other leg behind with weight barely on floor – then pump front knee and lift/bounce back leg like you’re kicking underwater. Does that description make sense…?)

Deep Chest press. Single arm row (I really need to watch the DVD- one of the straps came loose and I fell on my butt!)

 Suspended lunge (with hands touching down). This looks just like a sprinter’s start at the block. You have all the weight on the front leg and the back one is suspended in TRX and knee just touches the floor when you lunge.

Suspended pendulum: Feet suspended in TRX with your elbows on the floor (or hands if you’re strong -which I’m not.) Swing your feet side to side like a pendulum while keeping your body upright and stable on your elbows or hands. VERY CHALLENGING!

Duration: 43 minutes (this included the long trial run)

Avg. HR: 118 (probably during 3 minute rest…)

Max. HR: 171 Calories: 412 So…today was not a total loss.


Even though my lifting got derailed – I still got a great workout in!

Today is a rest day so I’m feeling kind of bored/antsy. I’m pre-menstrual and FIGHTING the urge to pig out and lose my two week, no-cheat challenge!

Just as I was in the throes of a killer sugar craving, I happened to pull out the measuring tape and measured my waist. I’ve lost 1.5 inches since March!

I’m so thrilled to see that the hard work and dedication is paying off. Who needs chocolate when you can enjoy the sweet taste of…..dare I say it? SUCCESS!!!!!

I was still kind of sore today but decided that the girls and I needed an outing so we went to the gym and I pushed through my workout.   I didn’t feel like wearing my HRM today so I have no stats to report – just the workout, itself:


Warmup on elliptical: 5 mins.


Wide-grip Deadlift from box: 3 sets of 6 @ 95 lbs.  ( I had hoped to increase this today but I just wasn’t “feelin’ it”.)


Bulgarian Split squat: 3 sets of 8 @ 25 lbs. ( I could have increased the weight but I wanted to focus on form and on sinking down really deep.)


Underhand wide-grip lat. pulldown: 3 sets of 6 @ 90 lbs. (this is an increase of 10 lbs!)



Reverse lunge from box with forward reach: 3 sets of 8 @ 24 lbs.


Prone DB Cuban Snatch: 3 sets of 8 @ 20 lbs.  (I went down on weight a bit to focus on form and it felt a lot better.  )


Treadmill: 15 mins of intervals.  Sprint for 1 min. @ 8.5-9.0, Recover for 2 mins @ 3.8mph.  I prefer to do my treadmill intervals at home.  I find I push myself harder when I don’t have to worry about my boobs flopping too much in front of others etc. 


On a related note, as I was finishing up my workout there was an older gentleman using the free weights that I’d never seen before.  I hate to say it – but he was really stinky!  It was really hard to finish my cuban snatches b/c I was holding my breath the majority of the time. Ugh. 


So far, my eating has been pretty good.  I would post my food log but it doesn’t cut and paste from livestrong and I’m too lazy to re-type everything.   I’m trying not to step on the scale….but it’s really hard.  I was trying to avoid it on my own, but I think I need an intervention!  Time to get hubby to tuck it away somewhere until I’m done my no-cheat challenge……

I really need to update my “program” section of this blog.  It’s kind of outdated.  I’m not really calorie cycling anymore….and I’ve added some new tools to my bag of workout tricks (TRX etc.)  When it comes to caloric intake, I’m still struggling to find the magic number for consistent weightloss.  It feels like I’m on a quest for the Holy Grail!  I don’t know why my body isn’t responding as consistently as it used to (before kids.)  Maybe it’s because I’m exercising so much more now – AND lifting a lot of weights.  I know for a fact that I’m creating a lot of muscle.  The downside is the progress on the scale is slow……  The upside is that WHEN the weight comes off – I’ve got a nice, muscular physique to reveal!  I guess the name of the game, right now, is patience, patience, patience.  Not my strong suit, but sometimes life throws you lessons that you really need to learn.

I”m SO sore today from my first TRX workout yesterday.  Seriously, I’m sore in places I didn’t even know could be sore!   What this means to me is that the TRX reached some muscles that my free-weight training hasn’t been able to target – which is a GOOD THING!!!    I really feel like this will be a great addition to my workout arsenal.  


As a result of my muscle fatigue, I ended up taking and unplanned rest day from my NROLW workout.  I’ll have to do it tomorrrow, instead.  



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