I finally got to meet the fitness instructor at my gym to start doing some weight training together. Most of the moves were new to her (we just did what I was doing ) but she was really intrigued by the exercises and felt like it was a really great workout. I didn’t write down my weights or anything as we basically just worked on form etc. She picked up on things really quickly so we had a lot of fun – even squeezed in some HIIT afterwards! Man, we went HARD. We both agree that we push harder when we’re alongside someone else who is pushing themselves hard.   I was  impressed with her drive and stamina – sure hope it rubs off on me!

So…the plan is to do our lifting together every Wed. and Friday. She is flexible and willing to do whatever exercises I’ve got planned (she may just tweak the weights and reps…) As the 1/2 marathon gets closer – we plan to add some long runs to our routine, as well. I’m just thrilled to finally have someone to work out with! YAY!!!!

I plan to behave myself the rest of the week and stay on track.  I’m pretty sure I’ll finish the week offf with at least 90% PN compliance – which still keeps me in the running for my “no cheat challenge”.  🙂