After being pregnant and/or breastfeeding non-stop for nearly 4 years, I’ve decided that it’s time to get my body back in pre-baby shape.  Scratch that – I want to be in BETTER shape than I was before having kids.  I’m tired of making excuses for the fact that I’m still wearing some of my maternity clothes (Ack!)   I’ve come to realize that the only barrier to my success is myself (and all the excuses I make for why I’m not doing what I KNOW I need to be doing!)  I’m ready to prove (to myself, mostly) that PASSION + COMMITMENT = RESULTS.   I am SO ready to do this….

 I plan to take my time on this journey.  I’m just doing it the old-fashioned way: Diet + Exercise.  No tricks, no gimmicks, no weight-loss plans designed for the masses.  I’m navigating MY OWN WAY and making it a lifestyle change as apposed to a crash diet or temporary fix.   I’ll post my successes and failures, triumphs and frustrations, and everything in between. 

I hope to inspire my friends and family to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to reap the benefits of eating and living well – for life!


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