Today turned out to be a GREAT workout day. I was planning on doing a quick lifting workut after my daughter’s swim lesson (at our gym) but it was cancelled due to rain/thunder so she went straight into childcare with her sister and I completed a full NROLW workout – with HIIT at the end!

I did my last Stage 4B workout and am ready to move onto Stage 5 on Friday! I didn’t have a pen to write down my weights so I’m going by memory, but….here’s what I did:

3 sets of 8 for each move:

Wide-grip DL from Box: 95lb., 85 lb (went down b/c my form was off), 85 lb.

Bulgarian split-squat: 25, 25, 25 (I finally got my form down on this one! I found the perfect bench to get my back leg/foot comfy AND stable!)

Rev. lunge from box with forward reach: 24, 24, 24

Prone Cuban Snatch: 20, 20, 20

ABS: I used the Ab Coaster (50 reps.) I hate doing floorwork at the gym so used the machines instead. I’ll do some other ab. exercises tonight while I watch TV.

15 mins HIIT. 4 min w/up, then I did 6 sets of 30 second sprints with 1 minute of rest at 3.6 mph. (all done at 1% incline.) Here are the speeds of my sprints:

9.5 mph
9.8 mph
10 mph
10 mph

The first few sprints were tough…but once my body got used to the movement, it was still tough but I felt I might be able to push myself a little bit more…..