Because I was stuck at home today( little one is teething and I suspect the gym childcare wouldn’t appreciate her fussiness or runny nose) , here is what I did on the TRX.

TRX Metabolic workout B ( I did 4 sets of these. One set slowly to learn the moves….then three sets of AMRAP for 30 seconds each with 40 seconds of rest/ transition. 3 minutes of rest between sets.)

 Swimmer’s Start (leaning forward with straps tucked under arms – balance on one leg with other leg behind with weight barely on floor – then pump front knee and lift/bounce back leg like you’re kicking underwater. Does that description make sense…?)

Deep Chest press. Single arm row (I really need to watch the DVD- one of the straps came loose and I fell on my butt!)

 Suspended lunge (with hands touching down). This looks just like a sprinter’s start at the block. You have all the weight on the front leg and the back one is suspended in TRX and knee just touches the floor when you lunge.

Suspended pendulum: Feet suspended in TRX with your elbows on the floor (or hands if you’re strong -which I’m not.) Swing your feet side to side like a pendulum while keeping your body upright and stable on your elbows or hands. VERY CHALLENGING!

Duration: 43 minutes (this included the long trial run)

Avg. HR: 118 (probably during 3 minute rest…)

Max. HR: 171 Calories: 412 So…today was not a total loss.


Even though my lifting got derailed – I still got a great workout in!